Friday, 14 October 2016

Natural Remedies for Red Moles

Natural Remedies for Red Moles

According to the research by specialists, red moles are named scientifically as angioma. Red moles are actually the cause of vascular abnormalities that occur on both the skin and the organs. Gradually these are turned into vascular tumors called hemangiomas. Usually the 80% of the cases are resolved and the red moles are disappeared. Not only this, but the malformation caused by abnormal dilatation of blood vessels or lymphatic system occur that never disappear.

Red moles do not effect on your health. When the red moles are localized on the respiratory tract or ocular region then they lead to the blockage of breathing system. The natural remedies are explained here that will help you to get rid of the red moles. But you should follow these remedies for certain times per day until you see the red moles are completely faded.
natural remedies for red moles
1. Garlic - Garlic has the property to fight against skin diseases like warts or moles. You just have to apply small piece of garlic directly on the mole and make them bandaged. Make sure you do this remedy before sleeping and wash it in the next morning. Continue doing this remedy for at least 2 weeks to see the desired results.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar - ACV is also an effective remedy to treat the red moles. You just require a wet band already dipped in apple cider vinegar and apply it on the moles. Do this remedy regularly for at least 3 weeks. Gradually it will turn black in color and then will fall off.

3. Aloe Vera - Squeeze out the gel from aloe vera leaf then massage on the red moles with gentle motion of your hands. Repeat the procedure for several times a day.

4. Swedish Bitter - Take some amount of Swedish bitter in a small bowl then soak a cotton pad in it. Now dab it gently on the red moles and fix it using an adhesive. Keep it for at least 4 days then wash it after 4 days very well. Repeat the process for another 4 days.

5. Celandine - Apply celandine juice directly on the red moles several times per day. Soak a cotton pad in celandine tincture then dab it gently on the red moles.

6. Propolis - You can apply it in the form of natural thing or you can just use as a tincture. Gross propolis is recommended to apply on the red moles. Fix it on and leave it for 2 days. After 2 days, wash it off then do the process again for another 2 days. If you are using propolis tincture, apply it 3 times per day on the red moles.

7. Baked Potato and Castor Oil - Mix both of these ingredients until it becomes like a paste. Apply it on the red moles 3 times per day.