Wednesday, 20 September 2017

How to do Eyes Massage

How to do Massage for the Eyes

A woman’s look can talk much about herself. Paying attention to yourself is one of the most important parts in your life. It’s totally up to you that you manage the time arranging yourself to be as good as you want or else you do not take and let the things gone in a way it is. Eyes are the important feature to which you cannot ignore but eyes are sensitive so if once it becomes mistreated, there could be a big disastrous condition you may suffer with. Caring your eyes generously only needs a small massage through which eyes will feel relax and out of stress.

For doing massage, the oil or eye cream is preferable and for the lashes, almond oil is best but I usually add vitamin E capsule with two drops of almond oil.
how to do eye relaxation massage
Step 1: Apply some force from the outer end to the inside of the eye tear with the help of ring finger.

Step 2: Just go up to the top of the nose and slowly pass over the eye reaching to the end of eye.

Step 3: Do a few small hits from the inside out.

Step 4: At last, pre-press as you see in the image.

Massaging time should be about 3 to 5 times per section like if you have so many eye bags or small wrinkles appear in the night or morning. Most of the woman massage in the morning while dawning with swollen eyes.

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how to do eyes massage