Thursday, 10 March 2016

5 Natural Remedies for Fuller Lips

5 Natural Remedies for Fuller Lips

Small lips do not get a space to surely ready for the lipstick to apply. It generally does not give a fuller look of lips. If you do not like your small lips then you can do some makeup tricks, cheats and care through which you definitely will gain lips fuller. Do not go for the expensive treatments like Botox and surgery. For the attractive fuller lips, here are the wonderful tips:
natural remedies for fuller lips
The first recipe includes cinnamon powder and sea salt. Mix half a tsp of each ingredient in a bowl and mix them then add one tbsp. of petroleum jelly in it. Apply this mixture on the lips with the help of your finger in a circular manner. Wait for about 5 minutes then remove the mixture from the lips. Dip lipstick brush in beetroot juice, and move the brush on the lips as you are painting. Leave this overnight then rinse it off in the morning and apply some petroleum jelly again. Follow the recipe for at least a month and then enjoy fuller lips.

The second recipe includes petroleum jelly, menthol, cinnamon essential oil, and wintergreen. Blend all that mentioned ingredients well together then apply it with the help of your finger all over the lips. After few hours, you will see a gradual change in your lips.

Third recipe is not for those who possess chapped or dry lips. It requires 3 tbsp of petroleum jelly, half tbsp. of cinnamon powder and half tbsp. of cayenne pepper.  Mix all these ingredients in a jar then use a cotton pad to apply this as a lip balm. You will feel burning sensation at the initial application but the next day the severe burning will turn to mild sensation.

Ice cubes Massage - Ice cubes massage is very easy remedy for having fuller lips. It is harmless, natural and less time consuming. It gives color and volume to your lips. Rub your lips with ice cubes as to relax the muscles and fasten the blood circulation. You will see the red colored and healthy lips within few days of using the process.

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