Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Anti-Lice Natural Lotion

Anti-Lice Natural Lotion

Anti-lice lotion is usually important to buy for those school going children that come home with lice. Lice actually transfer from one head to another and it would be very frustrating and irritating for the children to bear the itching on the scalp. It is better to use a special lice comb during the start of this problem, otherwise it will destroy your hair and make your roots weak.
home remedies for head lice
By research, it has been found that there is an anti-lice lotion available to kill all of your head lice. The people’s reviews and feedbacks show that it probably do some wonderful.

Anti-lice lotion contains only 3 ingredients:
  • Sweet almond oil 30 ml
  • Red geranium essential oil 3 drops
  • Lemon verbena essential oil 5 drops


  • Drop by drop, you would have to add the essential oils in the sweet almond oil.
  • Leave the mixture in an air tight jar or container for approximately 5 days before using it.
  • Wash your hair first then apply the mixture on the wet hair after shampooing it. Massage well to hair and scalp.
  • Now cover your hair with plastic cap and leave the lotion for about 1 hour.
  • In this way the lice will be smoother and its eggs will be reduced. After that rinse your hair.

A superb trick for you is that prepare this anti-lice lotion at home before your school starts for the better protection of your hair so the lice could not get time to grow further. Also, try using this Amazing Mask to Control Hair Fall.

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