Friday, 4 March 2016

Awesome Beauty Uses for Lemon

Use of Lemon to Enhance your Beauty

Lemon is the name of freshness and it greatly effects on your skin. Lemon is skin friendly in nature that it gives your skin a gentle brightness. In summer, with drinking lemonade you can also use it to cleanse your skin. Lemon has citrus compounds that reach into your skin and results in a magical change. Here are given some important functions of lemon for your skin that you will surely try after reading.
beauty benefits of lemon

Lemons are Used in Blackhead Treatments

As you drink lemon juice to detoxify your body, similarly, lemon will cleanse out your skin due to its astringent and antibacterial nature. Lemon excludes the toxic substances from your skin and leaves it clean and clear. What would you have to do is take one lemon and squeeze it gently. Now massage the lemon juice on your face, leave it for at least 10 minutes then rinse it off with cold water. The blackheads will be completely removed within few days of continuing this remedy.

Lemon Can be Used as a Natural Deodorant

Lemon is fragrant in nature. Many detergents, soaps, shampoos and other products are prepared using lemon just because of its beautiful fragrance. You can make natural deodorant at your home from lemon as it has citrus compounds that work in killing the bacterial infections that are the cause of bad odors.

You will need to prepare a mixture from oatmeal and little amount of honey. This paste would be applied in armpits then after 1 hour, clean the area with cold water and live fresh all the day with beautiful fragrance.

Lemon will Help Whiten and Strengthen your Nails

Lemon is good for your nails as good for your skin. This remedy is excellent for those people who have brittle nails, yellow strains on nails, white patches on nails due to lots of manicures. Prepare a mixture by mix lemon juice and vegetable oils such as argan oil, olive oil and coconut oil. Soak your nails in this mixture for 15 minutes and see the amazing natural shining on your nails. Repeat the remedy until you see better improvements.

Lemon is a Wonderful Lip Exfoliant

You can make your lips soft and beautiful using lemon. The only thing you will need is a lemon and would have to squeeze half of the lemon and fall the drops on your lips. Do not wash up your lips after doing this treatment. Do this remedy before sleeping and in the next morning you will notice the dead skin already had removed.  Make sure to not use this remedy if you have cuts on your lips.

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