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Side Effects of Hair Spray and How to Use it Correctly

Side Effects of Hair Spray and How to Use it Correctly

Hair spray is actually a way to settle down your hair for a long time but on the other way it leaves your hair dry and frizzy afterwards. Sometimes it leads to spit ends. In this article, I will give you tips to use hair spray in a correct way.

Let me clear out one thing that every chemical or products you use has potent side effects. So be sure before buying the products. Of course, hair spray helps a lot in keeping your hairdo in a place and gives you stunning look which makes such a good difference. Do not include hair spray in your daily routine. Always believe that the product which has advantages also contains disadvantages and that is how I am showing you in this article informed by the well-known cosmetologist and makeup artist.
side effects of hair spray and how to use it correctly
  • There are a group of active ingredients formed in the hair sprays and they are just like few of a polymers and solvents. The thing that should be concern about it is that it can cause an irritation to the nose, eyes, throat and skin due to those harsh ingredients. Gradually it leads to an allergy like sneezing, red eyes, rashes or even itching.
  • If you are used to of doing hair spray all the time when you are just going outside then it is something a difficult task for breathing system. The rare chances of lung diseases and lower blood pressure may be seen. Some crazy women are keen of smelling the fragrance so that to the hair sprays. Excessive inhalation of the hair sprays may lead to cancer because they contain a compound called propylene glycol that is poisonous in nature.
After knowing all of this curious truth about hair sprays, I gave up with it and tried to make my own natural hair serum which made me satisfied with all the ingredients present in it. Believe me; I have got my hair very beautiful and lustrous in setting and handling while doing my hairdo. But be sure that you are washing your hair properly after using the hair spray otherwise it will leave your hair brittle and dry.

How to Use Hair Spray Correctly

how to use hair spray correctly
  • Always make sure that your hair spray is holding in your hand at least 12 inches away from your hair. Do not focus only at one point on the hair but it should be constantly done around all of your hair. Once you realize that your hair has now become harden, stop spraying.
  • While spraying your hair, open all the windows and doors for the proper ventilation so that there are lesser chances of inhaling the particles.
  • The risky fact about hair spray is it contains alcohol which is the cause of drying your scalp badly. So do not spray directly onto your scalp.
  • Hair sprays are inflammable too so avoid using it near the flame.
  • Store the hair spray in a cool and dry place and away from sunlight. Wash your hands immediately after using it.

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