Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Look 10 Years Younger with this Healthy Miracle Face Mask

Do This Once A Week To Look 10 Years Younger

Japanese ladies are eagerly doing this task for years.

It might be a magical face mask for them to look younger.

It is truly impossible for a 50-year-old woman to look like she is 30.

I was always charmed by seeing the Japanese women look like.

There you can see on the internet the tons of pictures that are comparing Japanese mothers to their daughters.

They always look the same that you can’t see even a minor difference between them.

Imagine if you see a man in Japan, how would he look like? You will often mix both the mother and the daughter.

And the actual problem is right there.

We often assumed that what is the secret behind their younger looking beauty – how they manage to look like they are 30 their entire life.

Just thinking about this, I found a recipe that could do miracles.

The recipe is just simple to make, it just need rice, milk and honey.
how to look younger with healthy miracle face mask
Nothing special there about this recipe.

When the nutritional aspects of all the three ingredients are mixed together, it does a magic and gives a desired result.

Rice is the main ingredient, so using this will give you the best benefits.

Besides being rice used, I think it should be included in your diet as well.

Here is all about rice that Japanese ladies apply rice bran oil, rice bran powder and rice water on their skin.

According their experience, rice changes the whole texture of the skin.

Rice is the great and rich source of squalene and linoleic acids.

In this way it is a powerful antioxidant which promotes the crucial collagen production in the skin.

Why crucial?

Because this substance protects the skin from having wrinkles and sun tanning.

Now come to the recipe of this face mask.

To prepare the mask, you will need:
  • White Rice 3 tbsp
  • Milk 1 tbsp (whole milk is the best option)
  • Honey 1 tbsp
  • Water 200ml

  • First boil the rice in the water until it gets soft, then strain the water and put it aside.
  • Add 1 tbsp of warm milk in the rice then mix them together. After mixing, add honey into it.
  • Apply this mask on the clean, dry skin. Afterwards, take off the mask and wash your face with water in which the rice boiled.
  • Rice water contains antioxidant and healing properties so it helps in moisturizing the skin and along with the improvement in blood circulation, avoid age related spots and ease inflammation. Rice water will give you healthy looking skin and allow a mild sun protection.
  • You would have to do this procedure at least one time a week if you really like to look ten years younger.

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how to make anti aging face mask to look 10 years younger

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