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Tips to Remove Nose Hair

Best Ways to Remove Nose Hair in Safe Way

In the past era, nobody would get a chance to groom their selves. Keeping good hygiene is the first requirement so focusing on the outward appearance is something really important. A most awkward appearance on your face is the presence of excessive nose hair and it does matter because it can make your confidence lose and spoil the look.

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The reason behind nose hair is so simple to understand as there are the good benefits having this hair such as it protects from the dust, airborne bacteria from entering the lungs. One has to remove nose hair if it is long and appear clearly outside the nostrils. Trimming is one of the easy methods to remove the nose hair.
how to remove nose hair in safe way
Some other tips are described below to remove the nose hair in a safer way.

Moist Cotton Swab

After washing the face, take a clean cloth and insert it into the nose but be sure the cloth is already moisturized with warm water. Later on, apply the pressure on the wash cloth. Now in the back and forth direction, rub the wash cloth over the excess nose hair. Take away the cloth and clean the nostril to allow the nasal passage to remove the bacteria present inside. Use cotton swabs to slowly moist the nose hair.


Find the perfect place where there is enough light to trim the nose hair. The cheapest trick is to use a tweezers to trim the nose hair. Do not pull it for a long time as it will cause bacterial infection. Take a shower to soften the hair follicles so it gets easily pull up the unwanted hair.


Most probably the excessive nose hair is easily visible outside the nostrils so you can freely use the pair of scissors to trim it out. Use grooming scissors in this case but it should not be old and rusted. Remove the nose hair gently from one nostril before moving to the other.

Nose Hair Trimmer

Nose hair trimmer is especially made for trimming the nose hair and can be easily available from the cosmetic stores. Search out before buying the equipment. Read the instructions that are given carefully to avoid any kind of accident. Begin from the lower visible hair from below the nose line. Trimmers are operated under the dual rotary blades so the end result would be the clean and smooth trimmed nose.

Pluck Nose Hairs

If you can so start plucking your nose hairs using a lot of pressure. Some women use to do it. First wet your nose in order to make it clean then pull the visible long hair that is sticking out from the nose line. Never force it too hard as it will damage the nasal tissue.

Shaving or Waxing

Waxing cannot be a good option to remove the nasal hair. Shaving is another unadvisable method.

You should always follow these best tips mentioned above to keep your nose well groomed.

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