Saturday, 15 July 2017

Head Massage Techniques to Relieve Tension

Tension is very much annoying and it does not go easily. If you want to release your tension naturally for face-lift purposes so read it carefully. Rubbing the head or massaging head is an excellent way to get relax; it helps in improving the blood circulation and easing the stressful condition. The best time to do is when your hairs are dry or you can do it while showering with shampoo. It helps in stimulating the pituitary hormones and makes you whole day fresh and relaxed.
how to do head massage to relieve tension
1. Place both of your hands on the top of your head in hair, put them in rest there, and take a deep breath. Feel the heat gathering the fingers under.

2. Move your hands in the air gradually, give circular massaging movements by making them firm. Massage all over the head like top, sides and back of the skull. Use your fingertips and thumbs to give pressure, stimulating the scalp and muscles over the skull.

3. Massage deeply above the ears, using the heels of your hands where your cheek muscles connect in here.

4. Same thing will be done with the temples and repeat the circular motions of your hands on these areas as they respond well while touching them along with the lots of tension is stored here. This circulation is closed to your eyes which is improving your muscle tone.

5. At the base of your skull behind the ears, use thumbs to massage deeply. This will be beneficial to the circulation of the neck and jaw area which prevents you from migraine.

6. Finally, rub your head to the back, moving your hands gradually through your hair. It will make you feel soothing and relaxing.

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