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DIY Black Sugar and Charcoal Polishing Mask

Black sugar is referred to as the grainy texture of the mask which is perfect for getting rid of impurities. If you ever bought Freeman’s black sugar and charcoal mask? You would really fall in love with it. The charcoal present in the mask will make your skin soft glowing and silky. So the first thing comes in our mind after using this wonderful polishing mask that what if we could make one for our own? The DIY black sugar and charcoal polishing mask that we are going to prepare is the duplicate of Freeman’s but it will never contain dyes and preservatives.
diy black sugar charcoal polishing mask

DIY Black Sugar and Charcoal Polishing Mask

Now what is black sugar? Have you ever wondered after hearing about black sugar? Here we will make you understand about that and you’ll definitely get impressed by it’s qualities.

What is Black Sugar?

Black sugar is readily used in Asian cuisine, especially in Taiwan. Black sugar is alternative to brown sugar and has many health benefits including the menstrual relief. So why would we use black sugar in this DIY black sugar and charcoal polishing mask instead of brown sugar, it is an important question you can ask?

We are actually trying to replicate Freeman’s mask so we use black sugar here. This is because black sugar contains iron, calcium, potassium, molasses and other vitamins and minerals that the unprocessed sugar never contains those compounds. So the combinations of such compounds will make excellent DIY masks and all the ingredients will reach right to your skin.

If you are finding difficulty in buying black sugar then you can purchase it online from Amazon. In case, you do not have black sugar, you can use brown sugar as well.


1. Black Sugar 1 cup

2. Coconut Oil 1 tbsp

3. Activated Charcoal 3 capsules


1. Take a small bowl and mix all of the ingredients.

2. Transfer the mixture into a clean jar and let it sit for one hour before using.

How to Use:

1. Apply the mask to all over the face, covering neck. Make sure your skin should be dry before application.

2. Leave the mask for 15 minutes.

3. Wet your fingers and massage slowly into the circular motion.

4. Rinse off the mask then pat dry.

5. Use the mask for two times a week.

  • Detoxification of skin.
  • Removing the blackheads.
  • Unclogging the pores.
  • Moisturizing of skin.
  • Removing of dead skin cells.
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diy black sugar and charcoal polishing mask

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