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How to Properly Shave Your Legs

How to Properly Shave Your Legs

Removing your hair with the help of a razor is the best and quick way and a most convenient way to get rid of unwanted hair. Instead of knowing we never even try to do this that we actually should do. As we are entering in the summer season so obviously the skin should be radiant and smooth. 10 things are described here you need to know for the hair removal using a blade to be successful.

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how to shave your legs
1. Never Dry
If you have dry skin, exfoliating is the most important task that you should do daily. Before starting the shaving process, make sure your hair are soft enough to remove properly. Do not use blade on the dry skin as it will be risky for the skin to cut, irritable and discomfort for several days. Therefore it is necessary to wait for 10 minutes after taking bath so the hairs become soften.

2. Exfoliating the Package
Shaving is recognized as a most quick method to remove the hair easily and it is one of the nicest ways of exfoliating your skin. Some of the strategies happened to those who use other methods like wax, depilatory cream for the sake of removing skin dead cells and thus prevent hairs coming to the surface such as ingrown hair.

3. Make Water Cooler
Avoid using the blade if water from the shower is not too hot especially on those areas of the skin where the soft tissues swell easily. The very delicate area like armpit when you pass over the blade and moving it upwards so the razor slips easily.

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4. Provide the Sliding of the Device
Never think that soap works well in combination with blade because it has an astringent effect on the skin and makes it hard to wax and drying the skin. After shaving, normally you can use handy shaving foam or gel or in an alternative way you can use hair conditioner or body oil like coconut or olive oil.

5. Just for Girls
If you are concerning the foam or shaving gel for your lovers so do not choose the razor. In markets many devices belong to female necessities are available so always choose the right that only designed for her body permeability. Male devices are differently prepared for shaving the beard.

6. Direction Matters
Make sure you are shaving in the correct direction. Hair on the legs is growing downwards so it is just like a gravitational force. Use the razor against the direction of your hair. Use the device from upside down so it removes from the root.

7. Close Pores
Wash your skin with warm water immediately after shaving and then wash with cold water in order to close the skin pores. Apply a cream enriched with hydrating effect on the skin. Whereas if we look at the waxed skin then you will notice the pores are open and if you apply self-tanning lotion after waxing then it will leave the skin freckled.

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how to shave legs properly
8. Forget the Myths
It is a myth among women that shaving leaves your hair thick and does faster growth with multiplication of hair. But it is not true in reality. Rather it is sensible to think that hair after cut appears thicker as before and is not related to cutting on the surface. New growth can be controlled only from inside and the development of an inch per month is the normal processes. So it is better not to make any mistake and go ahead for shaving without any fear.

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9. Protect Yourself from the Sun
The mandatory and fabulous thing for the skin is sunscreen and it is women’s all-time favorite. It is not only good to apply while going to the beach but after shaving legs, as you all know the skin becomes more sensitive and you have to go move by the sun. Ideally, you should wait for about 24 hours and then you can expose your skin to the sun. SPF 50+ sun cream is suggested.

10. Change the Device Often
If you notice the blades are overloaded with the waste materials stick into it so does not try to use them again. It is the first sign that your device needs to be renewed because it is accumulated with dead cells. If the hair remains in the blades so while using this device, there is a risk of infection spread for open pores or for any injuries caused due to careless blades.

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