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How to Get Rid of Dark Lips with Home Remedies

In this article, you will know the amazing remedies to get rid of the pigmented lips in a natural way. Every woman desires to have soft pink lips which can be a part of attention while talking to someone. At some extent, it becomes dark and pigmented and the main factors that depend on it are aging, drinking too much tea or coffee, and using several lip products. Not only females are victim, but males are also affected as well.

The factors mentioned above will gradually change your lip color. Sometimes, from one of both the upper and lower lips are affected. It’s been noticed when you apply any lip color, it will give the darker shade on the upper lip as compare to the lower one or it might be reversible. After going through this problem for the long time, it realize to make some homemade remedies therefore, I am able to show you as well because I’ve been got the best result out of them.
home remedies for dark lips
As I feel night is the best time to allow something to be work spontaneously so I decided to make the remedies to lighten the dark lips especially for night and including in my night skin care routine. It will work great to rejuvenate your skin at night.

Here are the best home remedies to get rid of dark lips:

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1. Lime juice contains natural bleaching properties so it can be helpful to reduce the darkness from the lips. Use it before the bed time. The undiluted couple of drops are enough to apply. Rub it across the lips and you can see the great results overnight. According to my experience, you can apply to all of your pigmented face as well.

2. Cut the upper part of the strawberry a little and rub it on your lips just like a scrubbing motion. Let it soak in your lips for about 30 minutes then rinse it off. Strawberries contain enzymes that are responsible to reduce the darkness on the lips. Do it at night so it will work better.

3. Use a lip scrub and use it on the regular basis to get rid of dry and flaked lips so as to automatically lighten the dark pigmented lips. You can make the lip scrub yourself. Just mix some sugar and honey together and massage it gently all over your lips. Do not move your hand in a harsh manner around the corners of your mouth.

4. You can also use raw milk with some salt in it. Take a tsp full of milk and half a pinch of salt in it. Massage gently on your lips and the surrounding areas for at least 15 minutes. Lactic acid present in it milk will help in lighten up the lips.

5. Use castor and jojoba oil at night on the lips. Jojoba oil is mainly used in lip balms as to give moisture to your lips so it will be smoother and pinker.

6. Always wear the sunscreen around the lips and use it as a lip balm with SPF. Whenever you go outside, always remember to wear sunscreen in order to prevent the lips.

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