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6 Simple Exercises That Will Relieve Neck Pain [INFOGRAPHIC]

6 Simple Exercises That Will Relieve Neck Pain

Neck pain is often caused due to exerting the excessive pressure on it. To avoid the pain, you just have to do some simple work out or you choose a comfortable pillow for sleeping because if you sleep in a wrong way or using wrong pillow, it might cause neck pain. If your pain is acute and does not go through the workouts, you must visit to the doctor.

Exercise 1:
how to relieve neck pain with exercises
1. Turn your head on the left side then gradually lower the head until the chin rests on your shoulder. Wait for 2 seconds in the exact position. After that, turn your head on the right side and hold it for 2 seconds again.

2. Turn your head to the left side and take it back again, stretch your neck as much as you can then turn it towards the right shoulder and hold it for 2 seconds.

3. Repeat the exercise at least 10 times.

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Exercise 2:
simple exercises that will relieve neck pain
1. Support your chin in between your hands as shown in the picture. Better the resistance and tilt your head slightly down.

2. Now slowly bring your head on your back, it disables the resistance of the hands.

3. Repeat the exercise 20 times.

Exercise 3:
how to get rid of neck pain with exercises
1. Put your hands together at the nape (the back side of the neck) of your neck and bring your head back with the effort of only neck muscles, not your hand muscles. It will conflict the resistance of the hands.

2. Now the second step is curve your head towards the forward direction as far as you can do. Press your hands (pressure exerting through palms) into the back of your neck.

3. Repeat the exercise for 20 times.

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Exercise 4:
neck pain exercises
1. Support your right hand to your right side of the forehead, tilt your neck into the right and then to the left side.

2. Repeat the same procedure with the left hand for the left side of the neck.

3. Do it for 20 times.

Exercise 5:
how to relieve neck pain with exercise
1. Put your left hand on your head and slowly tilt your head towards the left shoulder as long as you can. Hold the position for maximum 30 seconds.

2. Repeat the same process with the right side.

3. Do 3 repeated times.

Exercise 6:
exercises for neck pain relief
Massage the back of the head for 3-5 minutes and it will relieve the neck pain and it’s surroundings.

You can get rid of your neck by doing these simple exercises which you can easily perform within short time. So the next time whenever you feel neck pain you can immediately do these moves for relief.

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