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Homemade Herbal Burn Salve

Homemade Herbal Burn Salve (Burn Cream)

Healing yourself at home can be a difficult task. You immediately never believe the products that are unnatural and containing plethora. Ingredients you often cannot pronounce will be never good for you. I do not go with any ointment or chemically active products when it comes to heal myself both inside and outside but I only prefer to have such products which are completely natural and pure. You can combine variety of natural products to form a reliable mixture at home. The benefit to do this is you can save your money and health. The homemade burn salve is used to apply on the wounds even they are too old because it has antiseptic properties and can help in eliminating the pain and other types of burns. Just follow this simple and easy tutorial to make an amazing homemade herbal burn salve.
homemade herbal burn slave cream
I always want to share my experience with you so as for this burn salve. For the minor burns, you can apply the burn salve but if a burn is serious, you should immediately see a doctor.

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Homemade Herbal Burn Salve

  • Coconut Oil ¼ cup
  • Beeswax 1 T
  • Aloe Vera 1 T
  • Honey 1 T
  • Vitamin E Oil 2tsp
  • Lavender Essential Oil 10 drops
  • Frankincense Essential Oil 5 drops

homemade burn salve
Step 1: Take a mason jar about 4 oz. and add coconut oil, beeswax, honey and vitamin E oil in it.

Step 2: Now place this jar in a pot over the medium flame. Add water slowly halfway up the jar.

Step 3: Stir the mixture constantly in the jar until it becomes melted.

Step 4: Now remove the jar from pot and let it cool for a while.

Step 5: Once it has been cooled, add aloe vera, lavender and frankincense essential oils in it.

Step 6: Cover the lid of the jar and secure.

To use: Gently apply the homemade herbal burn salve onto your burn and do not let it remove for some time.
homemade herbal burn salve
For securing the burn salve, you can place the jar in the refrigerator as I do with mine. The cool burn salve when touch to your skin so its coolness will make you feel better on your burn. Once it gets warm, it becomes soft so it does not matter, you can apply with not harm as its still effective.

If your burn is getting to the highest point of the treatment then you should concern to a doctor for the medical advice.

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